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Un-Bullsh*t Your Data Strategy 

You’re barraged by real estate data sales pitches every day. Buzzwords like AI, Moneyball, or Bring-Your-Own-Data Visualization layers. But you...


“Why is my business still running on spreadsheets?” – An Insider’s View

14 reasons your data project has failed (including reasons you’ve never heard before) By Raj Bhatti, SVP Client Solutions Twenty-five...

Cherre Culture Deep-Dive: Trust

When I was asked to write this article, my topic was supposed to be about the engineering culture at Cherre,

Dataset Onboarding

Core principles for dataset onboarding automation at Cherre: measure everything, optimize relentlessly, and deliver fast and often.

Less Coupled Code, Less Problems

How to onboard new real estate data sets in a scalable, efficient, and flexible way.

REST vs GraphQL

When Cherre first started, we had a vision of connecting all real estate data to transform real estate investing and...

Scaling a Learning Culture

Automating processes without losing your edge In many companies, and especially in startups, growth is a critical objective.

Insights from Puppet’s 2020 State of DevOps Report

Since the first release of the publication in 2011, Puppet has annually surveyed professionals across the globe to examine the...

Examining Continuous Data Delivery (CDD Part 2)

If you google the term ‘Continuous Data Delivery’, the search engine results come up pretty thin. This sparsity of information...

60+ Top PostgreSQL Tools

PostgreSQL, or Postgres for short, comes with many out-of-the-box features that make it very popular among developers and data engineers.

Optimizing dbt and Google BigQuery

Setting up a data warehouse is the first step towards fully utilizing big data analysis, but it is one of...

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