Cherre Joins OSCRE International’s Environmental Data Standards Project

The Environmental Data Standards workgroup is leading an initiative to provide industry-wide, unified environmental data reporting standards

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cherre, the industry’s leading data management and insights platform, today announced that it has joined other leading organizations in participating in OSCRE International’s (“OSCRE”) Environmental Data Standards Project – a real estate industry effort to standardize environmental data. Cherre will provide its expertise in data normalization and entity resolution to help develop environmental data standards. This will be crucial as ESG data management and governance initiatives gain momentum, necessitating data standardization to ensure consistency with governance, reporting, and measurement regardless of the data source or point solution.

Cherre is currently participating in the Environmental Data Standards Working Group’s development phase, which will address direct emissions policy, data collection from functional owners and supply chain, data reporting requirements of supply chain, facilities management, benchmarking, and compliance and governance.

“Leveraging environmental data for sustainability reporting has become a top priority for the real estate industry,” said Lisa Stanley, CEO of OSCRE International. “The Environmental Data Standards Project brings together a diverse group of real estate stakeholders to address a common need – a standardized approach to develop a data set of terms and definitions for collection, analysis and reporting from sources that do not communicate with each other. Cherre has deep experience with data management and will be a key contributor to the success of the Environmental Data Standards Project.”

Stakeholders such as investors, landlords, and tenants rely on each other for reliable, accurate, and readily accessible usage and emissions data, but the current approach to collecting and managing environmental data often falls short. Although collecting property-level data is critical to guide decisions on a portfolio’s impact, stakeholders utilize different methods for reporting on and leveraging environmental information. Typically, organizations collect disparate ESG data from multiple sources, manually extract relevant information, and transfer it to a spreadsheet for reporting and decision-making. The industry needs to simplify and standardize these processes to meet its ESG mandates and goals.

“Cherre is proud to be a part of this initiative,” said Kevin Shtofman, Head of Innovation at Cherre. “Developing environmental data standards will be critical in consistent reporting across the industry, and we look forward to working with the leading real estate companies to develop actionable environmental data standards for cross-platform reporting.”

About Cherre
Cherre is the leader in real estate data and insight. We connect decision makers to accurate property and market information, and help them make faster, smarter decisions. By providing a unique “single source of truth,” Cherre empowers customers to evaluate opportunities and trends faster and more accurately, while saving millions of dollars in manual data collection and analytics costs. Cherre launched in 2016 and is located in New York City.

About the OSCRE Environmental Data Standards Project
The OSCRE Environmental Data Standards Project was launched in November 2022 to improve the collection, analysis and reporting of environmental data commercial real estate (CRE) stakeholders use to assess the industry’s environmental impact. For more information about OSCRE membership and how your organization can participate in the project, contact [email protected].

About OSCRE International, Inc.
OSCRE International is a corporate member organization focused on the development and implementation of real estate data standards that form the foundation of a powerful strategy for digital transformation. OSCRE’s tools and training programs enable you and your organization to empower data across the entire real estate asset lifecycle.