Cherre Announces New Data Submissions Portal to Streamline Data Collection and Reporting 

With the Cherre Data Submissions Portal, real estate investment managers and fund administrators can seamlessly collect and validate data from their service providers and partners, and leverage it for accurate and timely reporting. 

NEW YORK – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Cherre, the leading real estate data integration and insights platform, today announced its new Data Submissions Portal, a product that automates and streamlines data collection and reporting. Building on Cherre’s ability to connect all client data from internal systems and third-party data vendors, the Cherre Data Submissions Portal allows customers to easily collect data from their service providers and partners (including property managers, fund administrators, and joint venture partners) and use it to power faster and smarter reporting – while retaining complete control of the process.

The Cherre Data Submissions Portal solves the common challenges that investment managers and fund administrators face when collecting data from their service providers and partners. These challenges include manual mapping, validation, review, and approval; inconsistent data formats; incomplete or inaccurate data; delayed or missing reports; and a lack of transparency into submission status across providers within a cycle. The Cherre Data Submissions Portal automates and simplifies the entire data collection and reporting process, enabling customers to:

  • Choose from Cherre’s prebuilt library of financial, operational, and ESG submission templates, or to customize their own.
  • Manage master data mappings, including easily adding or editing the chart of account mappings.
  • Invite service providers and partners to submit data through a secure and user-friendly interface.
  • Validate and standardize data using Cherre’s robust library of validation rules.
  • Manage and track submissions through a configurable review, commentary, and approval workflow.
  • Review and approve data with one click, then access it in real time using Cherre’s asset management dashboards, or export it to a downstream data warehouse or financial application.

“The Cherre Data Submissions Portal gives our customers unprecedented flexibility, control, and transparency over their submission cycles,” said Yuri Andersen, Senior Product Manager at Cherre. “Investment and fund managers can now easily collect and validate data from their providers in a scalable and secure way. This solution allows them to save time and money on data management, ensure accuracy and timeliness, and focus less on data wrangling and more on reporting and decision making on their assets.”

The Cherre Data Submissions Portal helps investment managers and fund administrators improve their data quality, efficiency, and transparency. By using the Cherre Data Submissions Portal, customers can:

  • Reduce manual data collection and reporting costs.
  • Increase data accuracy and completeness.
  • Accelerate reporting cycles.
  • Quickly onboard new third-party service providers and partners.
  • Monitor and assess the performance of their service providers and partners
  • Enhance data-driven decision making and performance optimization across their portfolio.

“With the Cherre Data Submissions Portal, we have solved a long-standing problem for investment managers and fund administrators,” said L.D. Salmanson, CEO and Co-Founder of Cherre. “Unlike manual, outsourced, or subpar solutions, our portal offers a comprehensive and seamless way to collect, validate, approve, and access data from any source, providing our clients with a full and holistic solution for all their data needs.”

Thanks to the unprecedented flexibility of the portal and Cherre’s data engine, customers can ingest and map any type of real estate data, including financial, operational, tenant experience, ESG, and endless other topics.

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