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Employee Spotlight: Brendan Collins

Department(s): Sales and Business Development Name: Brendan Collins Joined: 2018 Hometown: East Hampton, NY Spoken Languages: English, Spanish Joining the Cherre Family I have been in the real estate data world for about 15 years now, both as a provider and consumer. During this time, the data world has evolved quite a bit and is still an …

May 9

AI in property: 4 key people to know

“AI is a collection of tools and disciplines. Ignore the buzzwords. Business leaders shouldn’t really care about what technology or methods are used behind the scenes to achieve the end goal, and instead, focus on the company or the internal platform’s ability to deliver on that end goal. That end goal could be predicting renewals …

May 9

Employee Spotlight: Kevin Mattice

Name: Kevin Mattice Department(s): Product Joined: 2018 Hometown: Sparta, NJ Spoken Languages: English   Joining the Cherre Family After spending a few years in the real estate data industry, I recognized, and learned about several different gaps in the market that desperately needed to be filled. Ben and L.D. were already figuring out unique ways to solve …

May 3

Let’s Talk About Real Estate Data Access

Please join us next Tuesday, May 7th, at 5pm EST for an exciting discussion on the real estate data access, and the future of real estate. To continue our Metatrends 2019 exploration into data accessibility in the property industry, we are pleased to announce a conference call on Tuesday, May 7th at 5:00 PM EST to visit with Cherre’s L.D. Salmanson and Skyline …

May 2

Employee Spotlight: Dan Alcalde

Name: Dan Alcalde Department(s): Product Joined: 2019 Hometown: New York City and Lake Grove, NY Spoken Languages: English   Joining the Cherre Family Company culture is super important to me, especially in my role as an Agile Coach; I’m a strong believer in creating and maintaining an environment that fosters collaboration, assumes best intent, and enables people …

Apr 26

RESO 2019 Spring Technology Summit

Come join us next week in Boise, Idaho for RESO’s 2019 Spring Technology Summit. The Cherre team will be there in full force both on and off the stage, and we look forward to again meeting all of our clients and partners in person!

Apr 22

Employee Spotlight: Zav Shotan

Name: Zav Shotan Department(s): Engineering, Data Science Joined: 2018 Hometown: Yehud, Israel Spoken Languages: Hebrew, English         Joining the Cherre Family When I finished my second post doc, I was mostly looking for interesting projects. Cherre’s ideas about how to approach data, both in the algorithmic sense of entity resolution and in …

Apr 12

Prof. Charles Elkan from Goldman Sachs Visiting Cherre

We were honored and privileged to have at our office this week Prof. Charles Elkan, who leads some of the most exciting machine learning projects at Goldman Sachs, to give a talk on some of his latest research.

Apr 4

The Conversation Stopper in the New York Tech Scene

“New York is building its tech scene rapidly, but this growth will mean less if it cannot help New Yorkers. Understanding how future technology development will impact taxpayers and improve lives helps give meaning to engineers that build solutions and clarifies how the city is focusing its efforts. Luckily, organizations like the Grid are a …

Apr 2
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