In the Life at Cherre

Employee Spotlight: Andrei Tapai

Name: Andrei Tapai Hometown: Bucharest, Romania (alternatively: Brooklyn, NY) Joined: May 24,


Employee Spotlight: Hallie Clark

Name: Hallie Clark Hometown: Akron, OH but currently in Moore, OK Joined: February 2021 Department(s): Executive Assistant to L.D.

Examining Our Core Values: Collaboration

Here at Cherre, we’re committed to cultivating a strong organizational culture centered around six shared values: Collaboration, Responsibility, Empathy, Excellence,

Employee Spotlight: Mike Choi

Name: Mike Choi Hometown: Seoul, South Korea Joined: 5/10/2021 Department(s): Finance Spoken Languages: Korean,

Employee Spotlight: Gus Rasch

Name: Gus Rasch Hometown: Seattle, WA Joined: February 2020 Department(s): Engineering Spoken Languages: English What excites you about being part...

We’re Kind of Big Deal and Our Office Smells of Rich Mahogany

After a record first quarter, and after raising our $50M Series B, we were ready to add some fuel to...

Employee Spotlight: Noa Grinderfer

Name: Noa Grinderfer Hometown: I live currently in Cambridge, MA (originally from Israel) Joined: 2 months ago Department(s): Engineering (currently...

Employee Spotlight: David Askin

Name:  David J. Askin Hometown: Baltimore, MD Joined: March, 2020 Department(s): Sales Spoken Languages: English What excites you about being...

We’re All Snow Leopards Here

Is there something that you do better than anyone else in the world? If so, you may be what we...

Employee Spotlight: Ian Schwartz

Name: Ian Schwartz  Hometown: Norwalk, CT  Joined: October, 2019  Department(s): Operations 

Employee Spotlight: Wenxian Fei

Name: Wenxian Fei Hometown: Shanghai, China Joined: May. 2021 Department(s): Engineering Spoken Languages: English,

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