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Employee Spotlight: Alyce Ge

Name: Alyce Ge Hometown: Brookfield, WI Joined: Jan 6, 2020 Department(s): Data Science Spoken Languages: English, Mandarin, French What excites… Read More

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Employee Spotlight: Patrick Conroy

Name: Patrick Conroy Hometown: New Canaan, CT Joined: February 2018 Department(s): Web Engineering Spoken Languages: Spanish, English What excites you… Read More

Employee Spotlight: Alex Guanga

Name: Alex Guanga Hometown: Corona, NY Joined: June 10, 2019 Department(s): Data Engineering Spoken Languages: English and Spanish What excites… Read More

Employee Spotlight: Samantha Kaplan

Name: Samantha Kaplan Hometown: Phoenix, AZ Joined: October 2019 Department(s): Product Spoken Languages: English What excites you about being part… Read More

Employee Spotlight: Stefan Thorpe

Name: Stefan Thorpe Hometown: Birmingham, UK Joined: November 2018 Department(s): Engineering (overall), DevOps Spoken Languages: British 😉 Broken Thai and… Read More

Employee Spotlight: Caroline Dentino

Name: Caroline Dentino Hometown: Haddonfield, NJ Joined: May 2019 Department(s): Sales Spoken Languages: English What excites you about being part… Read More

Employee Spotlight: Jason Morganson

Name: Jason Morganson Hometown: Lake Placid, NY Joined: August 13, 2018 Department: Engineering Spoken Languages: English Joining the Cherre FamilyI… Read More

Employee Spotlight: Richard W. McIlraith

Name: Richard W. McIlraith Hometown: Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, spent most of my childhood in Mauritius. Joined: August 2019… Read More

Employee Spotlight: John Maiden

I was looking to work at an early-stage startup again, and a friend strongly recommended that I take a look at Cherre. Interacting with the team, I became really excited about how they talked about the team culture, a strong focus on the data, and the potential for innovative data science applications.

Employee Spotlight: James Donovan

Name: James K. Donovan Hometown: Born in Long Beach, CA, but grew up in Easton, CT Joined: 2019 Department(s): Recruiting and HR… Read More

Employee Spotlight: Jason Chen

Name: Jason Chen Hometown: New Jersey, Taipei, Taiwan Joined: 2019 Department(s): Engineering Spoken Languages: English, Mandarin, some Spanish, some German     Joining the… Read More

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