We’re All Snow Leopards Here

Is there something that you do better than anyone else in the world? If so, you may be what we refer to as a snow leopard.

Found high in the mountains of Central Asia, the majestic snow leopard is uniquely suited for its surroundings, with an unmatched ability to scale steep slopes, leap six times its body length, camouflage itself while hunting prey, and protect itself from the harsh cold. This is highly adapted excellence at its finest. 

But what does a spotted mountain cat have to do with the industry’s leading real estate data analytics platform? 

It all comes down to a widely celebrated quote by American journalist and author Hunter S. Thompson: “At the top of the mountain we are all snow leopards. Anybody who can do one thing better than anyone else in the world is a natural friend of mine.” 

Thompson’s quote has long resonated with Cherre Co-Founders L.D. Salmanson and Ben Hizak, who have come to adopt the snow leopard as a symbol of excellence and woven it into our company culture. 

Experts Only at The Top

Cherre is the data and analytics snow leopard of the real estate industry. We’re at the top of the mountain as the leader in real estate data and insight, and uniquely suited to thrive here. That’s because, in an industry where so many organizations are willing to stretch beyond their core competencies in a misguided effort to be everything to everyone, we’ve remained focused on what we do better than anyone: Connecting disparate real estate data and delivering immediate and actionable insights for better decision making. We empower customers to make better investment and underwriting decisions while saving them millions of dollars in manual data collection and analytics costs. 

Continuously delivering that level of excellence and raising the bar to meet emerging challenges requires the power of many snow leopards at the individual level. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of extremely driven professionals who personify excellence in their own rights with unique skillsets, knowledge, and expertise that can’t be duplicated or faked. Our snow leopards are highly regarded professionals at the tops of their games in data science, engineering, sales, marketing, and a host of other disciplines. They’re all boldly confident and highly skilled with a demonstrated hunger for excellence. Perhaps most critical: Each of them recognizes their own native genius and respects that of their peers. This is an environment where everyone is the smartest person in the room…just on different topics. 

No Place for Generalists

While it’s become all too common for companies to streamline their organizations and hire people to assume multiple (sometimes completely unrelated) tasks, Cherre isn’t interested in following that model. You won’t find us hiring generalists or forcing any of our employees into roles that pull them away from what they do best. Doing so would be counterproductive to our culture and a waste of valuable employee expertise. After all, it’s impossible to be excellent at anything when you’re trying to be good at everything. Or, as L.D. likes to say, “The last Renaissance man died years ago.” 

We want each of our employees to feel confident in the experiential excellence they alone can contribute to our success and to never feel threatened by what they don’t know. Where we find gaps, we simply hire the best people to fill them. There’s always room for another snow leopard if it makes our team, our product, or our results better. 

By assembling a group of smart, accomplished people who are generous with their talents, willing to share what they know, and not afraid of what they don’t, we’ve created an environment where experts thrive, great ideas become realities, and our customers reap the benefits.  

We may not do things the same way as other companies, but we’re fine with that. Things are looking pretty good from up here at the top of the mountain. 

Want to become a snow leopard? Check out our available jobs and click to apply.