Cherre Can Propel CRE Forward Says Forbes

According to Yulia Yaani, the Forbes Councils Member and the CEO of RealAtom, Cherre is one of the PropTech trends that can propel the CRE forward in 2020.

With the evolution of nascent technologies CRE starting to catch up to its more nimble cousin, residential real estate. In her opinion, we can expect better communication, more automation and deeper insights.

“A few other companies to watch in this space are Cherre and Both are using machine learning to create predictable analytics that forecast market trends and opportunities.”

says Yulia in her post “2020: Three Trends In PropTech That Can Propel CRE Forward”

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will be one of three “next things” to watch after. Since every industry faces the challenge of growing complexity and an increasing reliance on decisions making processes, the capacity of humans to do this unassisted is questioned. Cherre, that uses machine learning to forecast market trends and opportunities, is the company to watch for.