Employee Spotlight: Kevin Mattice

Name: Kevin Mattice

Department(s): Product

Joined: 2018

Hometown: Sparta, NJ

Spoken Languages: English

Joining the Cherre Family

After spending a few years in the real estate data industry, I recognized, and learned about several different gaps in the market that desperately needed to be filled. Ben and L.D. were already figuring out unique ways to solve these problems and seemed to embrace a lot of customer challenges I’d seen other companies run from. It’s easy right now in real estate technology to say you’re disrupting the market, given the amount of room for improvement. Cherre is actually doing it!

I’m a Snow Leopard

I spend my time at Cherre building products from our data. I won’t say that collecting the data is the easy part, but a lot of companies have data. I focus on making sure we use the right data to build the right tools and products so that our customers can focus on their core competencies as opposed to data ingestion, management, connection and cleaning.

I’ve only been in the industry for a few years, but I’ve seen a lot of data companies selling data, and from that experience, have discovered a number of ways to improve the experience for our customers. That doesn’t make me special, but I think I will be able to create products that are.

GraphQL is pretty cool, I think. Most APIs in real estate are still REST, but that requires a large lift for customers during integration. When customers want to be specific about receiving data from a number of different sources, GraphQL handles those relationships with ease. This means that customers get only the data they want and avoid making too many API calls to get it.

Changing our World

I’m uncomfortable with food waste. Humans throw out a lot of perfectly good food. Buy what you’re going to eat and eat what you buy!

Growing Personally and Professionally 

I’m currently reading Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain (RIP).

Saturday Morning Fun

Bugs in Space Jam.

The Narrator of Your Story

My fiancé, and it would be an entertaining show because of her.