Navitas Whitepaper: Exploring Blockchain & Transformative Applications in Real Estate

Check out the latest whitepaper from Navitas Capital that explores and analyzes blockchain and how it is poised to transform the real estate sector. Our very own L.D. Salmanson is featured as well.

Navitas Analyst, Jacob Mienert, and the rest of the Navitas Team set out to write this whitepaper to help:

  • Demystify blockchain technology and separate it from cryptocurrencies by introducing some of its fundamental technology components in highly format.
  • Offer a concrete set of “key takeaways” for real estate leaders interested in blockchain.
  • Provide a brief history of how the technology arrived at its current place and some context of where we are in the adoption curve.
  • Offer a framework for understanding how to evaluate and apply blockchain applications to different segments of the real estate industry.
  • Recognize some of the most notable “first inning” start-ups (e.g. Harbor) and blockchain projects in development.

Key takeaway:  While early, the emergence of blockchain is potentially one of the most powerful and disruptive forces in the real estate space to date.  On the horizon, we believe blockchain will play a prominent role in transforming real estate across a number of key applications.