Show Sheets and Postcards now in Beta on CoreDocs

Thanks to popular demand, we have officially launched show sheets and postcards to CoreDocs [link] for beta testing! After much success with buyer and seller presentations, our customers wanted additional products that could be created with the same efficiency and high end design feel. While postcards and show sheets don’t typically need an electronic adaptation, the same dynamic components used to showcase inventory, different team members, etc. in the listing presentation can be applied. Agents can simply type in an address of a property, and have a completed deliverable in a matter of minutes.

Whether it be a rental listing or an exclusive listing to sell a high end townhome, agents make show sheets to have a marketing document readily accessible inside the property for potential renters or buyers. This would typically take an agent or a member on their team a few hours to complete in PowerPoint or Photoshop, or they would have to pay a designer. We have improved this by providing high end templates that can be sent to the printer of the agent’s choice. Did we mention it only takes an average of 2 minutes to create and convert the file to a PDF?

Postcards are a slightly different process for an agent. They are often used to help gain new business from a specific neighborhood in which they might specialize, or a building in which they have successfully conducted business. To create a postcard, an agent can work with a designer but this isn’t the preferred practice, as you have to pay for a new design each time you want to do a mailer. What most agents will do is use their local MLS service that provides general templates and a printing service to send out postcards with a selected mailing list. We found that most agents are dissatisfied with the designs provided, or they didn’t care for the printing service.

We enable agents to have high-end templates from which to choose, that are also data enriched. Similar to the show sheets, these can be auto-populated with a specific property, neighborhood, or building, and be created in just a few minutes. We found that in a liquid building in NYC, owners of units were getting about 5-10 mailers from different agents – all using the same general templates, and they all provided the same information. “Hi I’m Bob and have been an agent at Corcoran for 5 years, let me list your home…” In this day and age agents need to stand out and provide useful information to show value. An agent that can provide data to a homeowner that the homeowner finds insightful and interesting is far more likely to receive a phone call (and that person’s business) than the other five agents who attempted to make contact.  

We are continuing to revive and build efficiency in day to day operations for agents, and we are looking forward to these additions for our loyal customers.