Leonard Langsdorf is Joining the Cherre Advisory Board

0Today we’re proud to announce that Leonard Langsdorf, CTO of PeerIQ is joining our Advisory Board. Leonard brings a wealth of technical and business experience in the financial services and data aggregation space, and we’ve had a great time solving large challenges together in the past. Leonard currently serves as the CTO of PeerIQ, the leading provider of institutional credit risk analytics to the rapidly growing peer-to-peer (“P2P”) lending sector. PeerIQ pools P2P loan data to provide independent analytics and authoritative benchmarks that their institutional clients use to price instruments, price loan portfolios, develop investment views, and manage risk. Prior to taking the CTO role at PeerIQ, Leonard served in various leadership roles at S&P Capital IQ, including VP of Software Engineering, responsible for the Innovation Lab and Global Data Solutions, and Senior Director of Securities Evaluations. Leonard previously served as Technical Lead at Oppenheimer Funds, responsible for architecture development of their $25B Main Street fund portfolio, and Technical Lead at Dow Jones, responsible for WSJ.com’s publishing systems. We can tell you how privileged we are to have Leonard in our corner, and we’re looking forward to all the cool things that we’ll do together!