Buyer Presentations on CoreDocs Beta

In starting our journey to provide data enriched marketing materials for agents, we were largely focused on listing agents and their ability to convert a lead into an exclusive listing. Since we launched CoreDocs, we received a high demand for the ability to adapt the platform to materials for buyer’s agents to provide to their prospective buyers. We have heard your requests loud and clear, and are happy to announce buyer’s presentations are now available as a document type template on CoreDocs in beta [LINK].

Showing buyers potential listings in an organized and digestible manner has always been somewhat of a challenge. Typically an agent would take links from Streeteasy or OLR and dump them into an email, and off to the client they go for review. We have made it so that not only can buyers be set up to receive information about active listings that may peak their interest, but agents also have the ability to gain insight into which properties buyers are more focused on before picking up the phone to speak with them.

When an agent sends potential listings to a buyer, they will know as soon as the client has received the email and opened it. From there, agents can further see what properties their client has actually viewed, and how much time they spent viewing each one. They can even see on which device their client opened the email, and where in the world they are.

Allowing agents to know when to follow up with, and what properties to spend more time on researching ahead of time creates a more meaningful experience with their buyers. Buying a home is potentially the biggest investment a person will make in their life, and allowing agents to serve their clients in a proactive manner creates trust. It is our job to make it so that agents can do this efficiently to create an outstanding experience for their client with ease.