Listing Presentations on CoreDocs Beta

Listing Presentation Templates.JPG

We are proud to announce we have officially launched our CoreDocs platform [LINK] in Beta. Agents can now produce professional looking and data-enriched Listing Presentations and other marketing documents to help convert their leads into exclusive listings in a matter of minutes. It isn’t out of the ordinary for marketing materials to either cost a small fortune or eat up hours of your time to save money by doing it on your own, and we provide a selection of templates to agents free of charge. These templates can be customized to reflect your brokerage, team, and cater to your target client without the hours spent in Photoshop or Powerpoint – both common practices among the real estate community. When utilizing Cherre CoreDocs tool to prepare a Listing Presentation for a potential client ,it should take an agent a maximum of 10 minutes to create a completely custom package, and ideally just a few minutes.

Not only does the creation of listing presentations on Cherre make agents more efficient, it makes it possible to cater to different demographics from one place as needed. As we move forward in the real estate industry, the way in which potential clients consume information and connect with each other is rapidly changing. Some consumers are still better reached by tangible items such as a printed presentation that is hand delivered, while others don’t wish to be reached in person at all. With CoreDocs you can create a presentation in one editing window, and it will look good in print and multiple mobile formats, including phones and tablets. If you wish to have the presentation printed, you can do so, and you can just as easily send a presentation to somebody who would benefit more from something in an electronic format.

For those clients who are receiving their presentation via email, the presentation will automatically format to whatever device in which it is opened and will feel as if they had a custom web page created for them. The consumer isn’t the only person who benefits from this easy-to-digest format, and agents will receive detailed analytics about their customer by utilizing this feature.

Once a client receives a presentation sent to them via email, agents are notified immediately that the presentation they sent out has been viewed. Once the agent is notified that the presentation has been opened, they will get a detailed breakdown of how long their client viewed their presentation, and exactly how much time they spent4 viewing each page. They also have the ability to see in which location in the world a client has opened the presentation, and on what kind of device they opened it.

In a world that is so fast moving and rapidly changing, it becomes increasingly harder to have a meaningful connection with a client. By tailoring to a person’s style of communication, an agent puts themself in a better position to close a deal. A real estate asset is often the most important purchase of a person’s life, and an emotional connection, along with trust, are what get the deal done at the end of the day. We are making this easier and more cost effective for agents to do, and in the end they add to their bottom line and serve their client better!