Cherre Joins the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO)


We are proud to announce that we have officially joined the Real Estate Standards Organization, better known as RESO. Previously a section of the National Association Realtors, RESO was incorporated in November 2011 as an independent not-for-profit trade organization. Perfectly aligning with our team’s mission, RESO’s vision is to create a streamlined real estate technology industry by promoting the adoption and utilization of standards to drive efficiency in the industry. There are over 700 members in the association who participate in committees or in workgroups.

Our team is happy to be a committee member of the Data Dictionary, Research and Development, and Universal Property Identification (UPI) workgroups. Along with other members of the groups, we will maintain and create new standards as the industry progresses.

The Data Dictionary serves as a national standard guideline for all information pertaining to MLSs, Brokers, and their technology partners. Workgroup members are responsible for maintaining the dictionary so that it is always relevant. In participating in the Research and Development Group we will join our group members in receiving and reviewing proposed ideas from the respective real estate community. The group will assist in researching how the association can best serve the proposed business ideas. Our team has been hard at work in NYC to solve the problem of public sources not speaking to each other, and it was a natural fit that we would join the UPI Workgroup. This group assists with, and reviews the process to connect government, public, and other industry records to give them a definitive identifier to be used by the real estate community.

We look forward to assisting in maintaining the current standards, and continuously working to bring the real estate community the most straightforward and efficient standards in the future.