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Navitas Whitepaper: Exploring Blockchain & Transformative Applications in Real Estate

Check out the latest whitepaper from Navitas Capital that explores and analyzes blockchain and how it is poised to transform the real estate sector. Our very own L.D. Salmanson is featured as well. Navitas Analyst, Jacob Mienert, and the rest of the Navitas Team set out to write this whitepaper to help: Demystify blockchain technology and separate it from cryptocurrencies …

Aug 29

Cherre on the map!

Market Map 140+ Real Estate Tech Companies Transforming the $32 Trillion Housing Market “HouseCanary and Cherre, for example, have leveraged machine learning and predictive analytics to refine estimates of valuation and forecasts down to the individual block.” –GeekEstateBlog

Jul 11

Machine Learning @REBNYTech

This week we were invited by Ryan Baxter from The Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) to speak about machine learning in the real estate sector at the REBNYTech Committee hosted by Brookfield. Shams Naim at Accenture spoke a bit about how they have served some of their clients recently in deploying AI and machine …

Feb 27