Machine Learning @REBNYTech


This week we were invited by Ryan Baxter from The Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) to speak about machine learning in the real estate sector at the REBNYTech Committee hosted by Brookfield. Shams Naim at Accenture spoke a bit about how they have served some of their clients recently in deploying AI and machine learning solutions to add value to their clients, and we spoke about how the industry can benefit from adopting some basic machine learning concepts.


After some level-setting background, we had the chance to dive-in to some real-life challenges. The committee includes some of the largest owners and property managers in the city, and we had a great practical discussion on how the industry can move forward. New York City is a world leader in adopting and disseminating real estate technology solutions, and Cherre is proud to be at the forefront of these offerings. Our CoreData Platform is trusted by the largest real estate companies in the world, and empowers data-driven firms with the ability to seamlessly connect any and all data to generate a single source of truth. Our platform integrates siloed data to a centralized data warehouse or API, all in real-time. We allow companies to explore their data for valuable insights like never before with powerful dashboards and visualizations, and they can easily customize our platform to help them answer their most pressing data questions.

If you‘re interested in the space and want to see what we presented to the industry’s leaders, just shoot us an email, and we are happy to share the presentation with you as well.