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Data Strategy Fundamentals: Data Collection and Validation 

Just as rotten eggs ruin a recipe, rotten data sickens downstream processes like underwriting, reporting, financial modeling, dashboards, and AI models. 

A Data Warehouse is Not a Data Strategy

A genuine data strategy extends beyond the mere accumulation of data.

Your AI BS Detector – A Guide to Separating Hype from Reality in the Built World

You need to be on your game to tell the difference between a time- and money-wasting AI solution and one that actually moves the performance needle.

Unbullsh!t Your AI Strategy

Amidst all the hype, it can be challenging to distinguish genuine value from noise, avoid the bullsh!t, and develop a strategy that truly benefits your organization. We dive into the essential components of creating an effective AI strategy.

David vs Goliath: How Smaller Investment Managers Level the Field with AI and Data

Explore crucial lessons from funds that made strategic investments during economic downturns, and insights into how smaller funds can hold their own against the real estate Goliaths by differentiating their strategy through AI and connected data.

New Lifestyle Trends Drive U.S. Real Estate Opportunities

Post-pandemic growth is waning, but opportunities still exist in hybrid neighborhoods.

Cherre Recognized as “Overall Data Management Platform of the Year” by PropTech Breakthrough

Cherre has been named 2023 Overall Data Management Platform of the Year by PropTech Breakthrough.

Inheriting the World, Part IV: Moving the Industry Forward

The data and application landscape is fragmented and siloed, and we need to find a path forward that enables investors, managers, and underwriters to make better, faster, and more accurate decisions given this landscape.

Inheriting the World, Part III: The Evolution of Silos

For every intersection of geography, capital stack, investment, and asset class, there’s an abundance of applications and data solutions that add value to investors and operators – each evolved to meet a specific need – widely adopted by the industry.

Real Talk: Transforming the Real Estate Industry One Conversation at a Time

In a world where diversity and inclusion have become buzzwords, a group of technology executives have decided to spark a dialogue within the real estate industry.

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