The Startups that Connect the Bulldozers to The Cloud


If you haven’t read it already, check out Ruty Levi’s amazing article in Haaretz on how large developers are starting to adopt new technologies to improve their performance – from deal sourcing to operational excellence. Merav Oren from Versatile Natures’ story is really interesting, and for those who don’t know them, you should definitely check out their work at Urban-X. Yogev Katzir from Housing and Construction Holdings (Shikun & Binui) give’s a good overview on why big contractors haven’t really been investing in technology companies so far, but why they are really interested in cooperative projects instead.
Also featured in the article are Ely Razin from Credifi and our very own L.D. Salmanson, discussing how data affluence and transparency are completely reshaping the way we source and evaluate residential and commercial transactions. Commenting on the luxury market, L.D. had this to say: “You aren’t selling a property, but a piece of art and an experience. Otherwise it’s hard to demand $50 million for a penthouse in New York – there’s nothing in economics that justifies that price.” As the premier real estate data provider in NYC, we know a thing or two about abnormal pricing, and the luxury market is especially interesting for us to explore. Our data science team is having a ball ripping apart the data!