Cherre Unveils a New UI for Data Observability and Validation

The new UI provides clients with unmatched transparency into data pipelines, as well as the tools to self-manage Connectors and promote data integrity

New York, May 14, 2024Cherre, a leading real estate data management platform, today announced the release of its UI which provides visibility into Cherre’s Data Observability features, as well as enhanced data validation capabilities. The new UI also empowers clients to directly manage their data pipelines into the Platform, increasing transparency into the status, completeness, delivery, and transformation of their data. 

Cherre’s UI includes an array of robust tools for users to self-manage their data pipelines and validation rules, enabling them to improve their data quality and promote confidence across the organization. These tools include: 

  • Table profiling, column profiling, and status monitoring which provide observability across all data moving in, through, and out of Cherre.
  • Insights into data  Connectors including access to the standard data model for each Connector, Connector status, data destination, and available data dictionaries. 
  • Data validation capabilities that allow clients to create and manage checks, alerts, and custom validation rules, as well as a standard library of tests across Connectors and the Data Submissions Portal.

Kevin Mattice, Chief Product Officer at Cherre, emphasized the strategic importance of this release stating, “Our new UI is more than just a tool; it’s a gateway to enhanced confidence in data-driven decision-making. By surfacing Cherre’s Data Observability processes and providing clients with direct access to manage their data pipelines, we are setting a new standard in real estate data management. Real estate market leaders need to feel confident in their decision making, our UI helps give them the control and transparency needed to build trust in their data.”

The new UI is now available to all Cherre Platform users, marking a significant milestone in Cherre’s ongoing commitment to driving innovation and excellence in real estate data management. Cherre will showcase the new UI during the product roadmap keynote at its upcoming Data Summit

For more information, or a demo of the new UI, please visit the Data Observability and Validation page. 

About Cherre

Cherre is the real estate industry’s leading data management platform. Our end-to-end platform helps clients break down silos and transform their data so they can automate workflows, increase efficiencies, build better models, reduce risks, and make smarter decisions with confidence. With Cherre, clients can quickly identify opportunities to increase profitability, gain visibility into market trends, and make strategic moves in response to changing market conditions based on trusted data-driven insights. Cherre launched in 2016 and is located in New York City.