Check Out the New Cherre Video

Filming our intro was an incredible experience for us at Cherre. Our friends at Black Neon Media shot, edited and produced this piece for us. We shot this video in September on the Lower East Side, the perfect location to capture our Manhattan roots. Being in front of the camera was an exciting change of pace for us. On an average day, we can be found in our Times Square office sporting jeans and hoodies. Filming day was a great exception.

At first, nerves were definitely in the air, since being on camera was a new experience for all of us, but for Hollie, she used filming this video as the start to her (non-existent) improv career. We were so impressed watching her wing it, the girl knows her stuff!

Better data, means better decisions. In a 25 trillion dollar real estate market, Cherre is able to bring prices down to a three to five percent margin, as it can be off by upwards of twenty to twenty-five percent. With our ability to collect data from both public and private sources, we have been able to organize data for our clients in a way that is consumable, and easy to understand. In addition, our video highlights one of Chere’s key features, which is the CoreWorkflow productivity suite.

As highlighted by Hollie, our management team has years of experience building companies in fields such as finance, real estate, and technology. By having industry leaders in three different fields, each bringing their own expertise, we are able to create a powerhouse of knowledge.

Coming together and filming this video was an amazing experience for us all. It’s fun to watch your colleagues be challenged outside of their comfort zone, especially in front of a camera!

Check it out 🙂