Cherre’s CoreData and CoreWorkflow Platforms Covered by Inman

Cherre is the most advanced solution for propelling real estate operations that I’ve reviewed, which is an almost-instant competitive advantage for the companies with the right agent culture to wield it.

So, you’ve just secured a listing for a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment on the Upper East Side. First things first, make sure the owners fix that leaking bathroom faucet. Check. Advise them to paint the kitchen anything but Mesquite Burgundy (a color that was INSISTED upon by the owners Mother-In-Law). Check. Stage the property accordingly. Ccheck. But how can you be sure you are listing the apartment for all that it’s worth?

That’s where we CoreWorkflow [LINK] can help.

At Cherre, our motto is “Better Data, Better Decisions.” Throughout the past two years, our team of technologists has generated an algorithm that processes thousands of data sources, but public and private, in order to provide our consumers the most advanced knowledge of the real estate market. In layman’s terms, our systems gather information for users to accurately list properties in New York City.

As featured on Inman, Cherre enables users to understand the ins and outs of the market, while uncovering leads. This comes delivered to you on a digestible, highly detailed report of any specified neighborhood. We are committed to lowering property margins down to anywhere from three to five percent.

In addition to uncovering the most accurate listing prices, Cherre’s platform enables users to create listing presentations, generate personalized marketing material from available templates, and customize deliverables.

“I’m open to saying that this team of developers and proven young tech-business talents have an opportunity to create long-term industrial change in the way real estate brokerages learn and embrace market information”, says Craig Rowe of Inman.

With the help of Cherre, you’ll now be able to list, market, and sell that Upper East Side apartment in a way you never have before.