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How to upgrade Looker via bash

Cherre uses looker as part of its services.

Gripes first:

We’re still frustrated that Looker does not support docker.

Propmodo The Looming Real Estate Data Oil Boom

Dhinaker Dhandi, Vice President of Product at Altus Analytics, Josh Fraser, CEO of Estated, and our very own L.D. Salmanson, CEO of Cherre talk about how there are already a number of well know,

MIT World Real Estate Forum

We had a great time at the 2019 MIT Real Estate Center Partner, and an even greater time sharing the main stage at the MIT World Real Estate Forum with Andrea Chegut,

HGAR Launches the New York MLS

We had the privilege of sharing the stage with Stefan Martinovic, Vice President of Investments for Midwood Capital and Lucie Fortier,

Propmodo Podcast: How Tech Is Helping the Real Estate Industry Make Better Decisions

Check out our very own L.D. Salmanson and Skyline.AI‘s Guy Zipori on the latest Propmodo Metatrends podcast on How Tech Is Helping the Real Estate Industry Make Better Decisions.

Future: Proptech 2019

Future: Proptech 2019 in London was one for the books. Our very own L.D. Salmanson was on the main stage talking about adopting data-driven products and generating an advantage in a rapidly changing environment.

Employee Spotlight: Brendan Collins

Department(s): Sales and Business Development

Name: Brendan Collins

Joined: 2018

Hometown: East Hampton,

AI in property: 4 key people to know

“AI is a collection of tools and disciplines. Ignore the buzzwords. Business leaders shouldn’t really care about what technology or methods are used behind the scenes to achieve the end goal,

Employee Spotlight: Kevin Mattice

Name: Kevin Mattice

Department(s): Product

Joined: 2018

Hometown: Sparta,

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