Employee Spotlight: Mathieson Sterling

Name: Mathieson Sterling

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Joined: 2019

Department(s): Engineering

Spoken Languages: English, some Spanish, some Serbo-Croatian



Joining the Cherre Family

Before joining Cherre I was considering another offer, but after talking with the team I immediately saw a passion, a value of respect within the organization, and a passion for doing good things that stood above the normal tech company.


I’m a Snow Leopard

I’m a Data Engineer, so I focus on building the pipes through which the data flows. I have a unique ability to be able to prefer things being very dumb, elegantly.

Currently I’m working on building massively scalable cloud ETL pipelines to support our ever-growing deployments.


Changing our World

I’d like to focus on Universal Wealth, longevity, and space exploration.


Growing Personally and Professionally 

I’m currently reading Closing Time by Joseph Heller (the sequel to Catch-22).


Saturday Morning Fun

Æon Flux.


The Narrator of Your Story

Hunter S. Thompson.