Cherre at The RESO Spring Technology Summit


Dbkqr-XU0AAzdrl After a week in beautiful Denver Colorado we find ourselves back in our Midtown NYC office right off of Time Square. Oh, how we miss the smell of the fresh mountain air. Aside from out right enjoying a break from the hustle and bustle of the dirty New York City streets, we were in Denver to speak at the RESO Spring Technology Summit. Over 250 real estate technology professionals came together to to discuss the impact of data standards on the real estate industry and how we collectively and efficiently streamline standards moving forward into the future.


This year’s schedule was filled with case studies on everything from implementation of RESO’s unique IDs, how TRIBUS migrated to the RESO Data Dictionary, to a discussion on real-world implementation of RESO Data Dictionary. As committee members we were more than happy at the opportunity to speak at the summit. We shared our knowledge of how to move from legacy systems to RESO standards and why it is worth the time and effort to move towards one big “happy family”.

Between the refreshing atmosphere and the passionate individuals looking to bring clarity to the industry, we left feeling energized and looking forward to our next meeting of the minds.