2018 NYC Inman Hacker Connect

This week we had the privilege to share the main stage with Zain Memon from Opendoor, Nic Cavigliano from RealScout, Stefan Martinovic from REBNY, and Zvi Band from Contactually at the 2018 NYC Inman Hacker Connect conference. Hacker Connect is a full-day track focused on the real estate tech community, and kicks off the week-long, twice-annual Inman Connect conference. The panels covered new tech tools for agents, product roll-outs, security, and ways real estate can use the internet of things.


We got to talk about new API alternatives, such as GraphQL, and it was really refreshing to see how receptive the audience was to explore new ideas and ways to overcome some of their existing architecture limitations. At Cherre we’re strong proponents of GraphQL as it allows to perform complex data queries in a more simple and efficient manner, as well as provide our clients with much more flexibility around access to our data. GraphQL follows references between properties of a resource in a single request, and allows us to avoid loading them from multiple URLs – as is common with REST APIs. It allows us to return only the data that we need from our API, and control which fields are accessible to our clients with ease. GraphQL has proven especially valuable in saving us time in custom client deployments. Nic and his team have also rolled out a GraphiQL sandbox implementation for their clients and partners to play around with while learning how to leverage their API, and we will definitely be doing the same for our clients in the near future!

It’s been really great to see Hacker Connect evolve into the mainstream event it is today, and we look forward to coming back soon and learning more from the leading technology companies in the real estate space.