Cherre wins #REBNYTech Open Hack Category for Solutions Solution for NYC Condo Tax Fees

The Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) specialized Tech Committee held its first annual Hackathon, this October at the Urban Tech Hub in Grand Central Tech. It is with great honor that we announce Cherre’s win in the Open Hack category of this remarkable competition after working day and night during this three-day event. Over 200 preeminent leaders in real estate and technology, such as Zillow Group, MetaProp, and the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce converged together in order to solve some of the current needs and challenges facing the NYC real estate market.

Taking part in this event was a tremendous experience for our team. Our competition was comprised of some of the most innovative technologists in the industry, exposing us to sampling new technologies on the market. Though competition was relentless, Cherre’s software excelled.

Judges were comprised of Vice President of the Fund for Public Housing, Valerie Rosenberg, Chief Information Officer at Silverstein Properties, Sandy Jacolow, broker Duke Long, Senior Associate Leila Collins of MetaProp NYC, and the Founder and Director of the AEC Hackathon, Damon Hernandez. Companies such as Prescriptive Data, Enertiv, and Avvir were among others in the competition, which awarded a total of over $75,000 in cash and prizes.

At Cherre, we have been uncovering inaccurate property values in the New York real estate market for over two years. Our systems have helped thousands of brokers, agents, and other professionals in industries such as real estate and finance. Within the New York City real estate market, prices can often be skewed by twenty-five to fifty percent. Through our proprietary CoreData platform, Cherre’s clientele are able to gain insight into public and private real estate data feeds, allowing for listing prices to be brought down to a three to five percent margin, all on a consumable digital platform.

As featured on Propmodo, our software not only exposes how much properties should be listed for in NYC, but also provides an agent productivity suite, CoreWorkflow [LINK]. The CoreWorkflow suite enables users to create personalized marketing materials, automate agreements, access CMA reports, as well as board packages and seller activity reports. Cherre’s platform is trusted by some of the world’s most notable brokerages and foremost investors. Constantly updating its software, we have become the most accurate and dependable real estate data platform.