Real Estate Meets Tech

This week we got to share the stage with our good friends Cindy and Sarah from Envelope to talk about how we are working to bridge the gap between real estate and technology. For those of you don’t know Envelope, they have a really cool platform to help investors, brokers, developers, and architecture firms navigate the complexity of zoning and building rights for any developable parcel. We’ve had the privilege of working a little with them, and can tell you firsthand how amazing the platform really is. You should definitely check them out!

The NYC real estate technology market has become a real breeding ground for innovation lately, and it’s been great to see all of the new and exciting companies emerge and grow. We’ve been incredibly fortunate to work closely with many promising companies working on tackling really big problems in the ecosystem, and it’s been great to see how open companies are to collaborate with each other.

Shout out to Lucienne Canet for the organization!