TruLiv and Cherre Partner to Revolutionize the Residential Real Estate Investment Process with Data and Analytics

Today, Cherre and TruLiv announced a new partnership which will enable both companies to bring technology, data, and analytics to the fragmented and inefficient residential real estate acquisition process. In this partnership, Cherre will integrate key public datasets with TruLiv’s proprietary real-time market data, comparables algorithms, and underwriting capabilities to bring efficiency and scale to customers investing in single-family rental (SFR) and multifamily properties throughout the U.S.

Together, the partnership between Cherre and TruLiv will support portfolio managers with key aspects of SFR and multifamily investing:

  • Deal Sourcing and Market Insights – Utilizing Cherre’s API to integrate comprehensive property-level and transaction data, TruLiv will layer on real-time market data to provide users with an end-to-end solution for sourcing on-and off-market investment opportunities. Users can also add their own investment strategies into TruLiv’s platform enabling them to underwrite deals in seconds.
  • Underwriting and Comparables – TruLiv’s data-driven underwriting module delivers a best-in-class DCF model for every asset in the market, while the rent and sales comparable algorithms provide live comp sets specific to each property daily.
  • Transaction and Pipeline Management – Teams can tailor the TruLiv platform to fit their unique acquisition process from offer through closing, leveraging TruLiv’s pipeline and workflow management capabilities.
  • Asset and Portfolio Management – Investors can monitor portfolio performance with the integrated, real-time market data and insights delivered by TruLiv and Cherre. Portfolio managers can quickly adapt their strategies as the market moves, and stress-test portfolio-level returns for hundreds of properties at once with just a few clicks.

“Our partnership with Cherre provides TruLiv with integrated, accurate data for every property nationwide delivered via a best-in-class API that will scale with our needs. Working with Cherre allows us to focus on our core competency: enabling residential investors to make data-driven decisions when acquiring assets quickly and confidently at scale.” said Jeff Eigenbrood, Co-Founder & COO at TruLiv.

TruLiv was founded by Real Estate professionals who lived through the pain points of the real estate acquisitions process firsthand, and it drove them to find a solution. The founders made it their mission to create a company that solved customer’s real-world problems by eliminating the friction in the acquisitions process and allowing them to spend their time and energy building a better portfolio.

“Real estate investors recognize that data-driven insights are the key to making strategic decisions that maximize outcomes,” said L.D. Salmanson, CEO and co-founder at Cherre. “This partnership with TruLiv not only enables customers to make better decisions, it also provides a platform to seamlessly execute on those strategic asset and portfolio management decisions.” Cherre specializes in the ingestion, standardization, resolution, integration, and delivery of real estate data from internal, third party, and public data sources. Cherre’s growing partner network enables customers to seamlessly connect new data sets, providing a holistic portfolio view contextualized and benchmarked against market-wide intelligence.

About TruLiv
TruLiv revolutionizes the residential real estate acquisitions process with a bespoke solution that overlays customers’ unique investment criteria with real-time market data. Investors can source, underwrite, and execute deals in one place, empowering you to scale your business with speed and certainty. TruLiv launched in 2020 and is based in Santa Monica, CA.

About Cherre
Cherre is the leader in real estate data and insight. We connect decision makers to accurate property and market information, and help them make faster, smarter decisions. By providing a unique “single source of truth,” Cherre empowers customers to evaluate opportunities and trends faster and more accurately, while saving millions of dollars in manual data collection and analytics costs. Cherre launched in 2016 and is located in New York City.