Employee Spotlight: Gus Rasch

Name: Gus Rasch

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Joined: February 2020

Department(s): Engineering

Spoken Languages: English

What excites you about being part of the Cherre family?
Working on hard problems with smart people.

At Cherre, we are all snow leopards – what are you working on and what makes you unique? 
I’m focused on dataset onboarding – bringing data into the Cherre ecosystem. This is obviously really important for Cherre, and we’re always working to refine the process and make it more efficient. It’s helpful to keep the big picture in mind for this process and simultaneously track where we’re at today vs. our vision for the future state – I try to keep this in mind while working, and to make sure that everyone is on the same page about it. I also have a passion for teaching so I’m happy to have the chance to train new engineers on our processes.

How do you give back to the community to change our world for the better?   
I attend demonstrations for causes that are important to me, make regular donations, and try to support local mutual aid efforts – my parents run a food pantry across the street from where I grew up, so whenever I’m home I help out there too.

What keeps you curious and engaged to grow personally/professionally?   
I set high standards for myself and I’m never really satisfied

What do you like to do outside of work?
Play soccer, ride my bike, eat well, explore the city and enjoy the outdoors.

What is the last book you read/movie you watched?
The wind-up bird chronicle by Murakami. It’s a really good book about a guy who accomplishes a lot by not doing much of anything.

If your life were being turned into a movie, who would play you or narrate your story?
I’ve always thought Anthony Hopkins would make a good narrator.