Employee Spotlight: Davida Kollmar

Name: Davida Kollmar

Hometown: Edison, NJ

Joined: April 2021

Department(s): Data Science

Spoken Languages: English, Hebrew (though not quite fluently)

What excites you about being part of the Cherre family?
I’m excited to be part of the Cherre family because of the impact that we’re making in the world of real estate – it’s cool to be a part of it. I also really appreciate how helpful my coworkers are, and how much Cherre’s values matter here.

At Cherre, we are all snow leopards – what are you working on and what makes you unique?
Right now the data science team is working on Owner Unmasking 2.0. Many property owners hide behind LLCs, and so we’re trying to find the owners of those LLCs on a nationwide scale. I’m helping by improving our coverage, making sure that we’re able to unmask as many of those owners as possible.

How do you give back to the community to change our world for the better?   
I’m the TA for a data science course for high schoolers, helping to guide students through projects and sharing my experience with them. I also volunteer as a board member and committee chair at my synagogue, and have been involved in expanding opportunities for women’s participation in the Orthodox Jewish community. 

What keeps you curious and engaged to grow personally/professionally?   
I’m always looking for an intellectual challenge. Learning is really one of my favorite things – I’m always excited about the opportunity to learn more, be it about the world around me or the people around me. 

What do you like to do outside of work?
I’m an editor at The Lehrhaus, an online forum for Jewish thought, and am assistant producer for Livestream Theatre, an online theater group which actually predated Covid. As for hobbies, I enjoy watching sports (especially women’s) and both solving and creating logic puzzles. Other fandoms include books (mainly nonfiction or YA fantasy), lit-inspired web series, and musical theater.

What is the last book you read/movie you watched?
The last book I read was American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang. I had really enjoyed one of his more recent graphic novels, so I decided to go back to the one that he’s most famous for. The last movie I saw is Mean Girls, since I’m working on adapting it for my theater group. I had never seen it before since I don’t watch movies much, but now having seen it multiple times (and it will be many more by the time I’m done) I finally understand what the hype is about. 

If your life were being turned into a movie, who would play you or narrate your story?
If I could talk slowly enough, I’d love to do it myself, since it would be really cool to experience what a movie set is like. If not, then one of my friends at Screen14 Pictures (creators of my favorite webseries). Though Brendan Burke doing a play-by-play like he does for the NY Islanders would be pretty awesome.