Employee Spotlight: Richard W. McIlraith

Name: Richard W. McIlraith

Hometown: Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, spent most of my childhood in Mauritius.

Joined: August 2019

Department: Engineering

Spoken Languages: English, French

Joining the Cherre Family
I was looking to gain work experience in the tech industry related to data, as well as experience working at a start-up. What really excited me about joining Cherre was the combination of the culture and the level of support with regards to developing the skill level of their engineers.

I’m a Snow Leopard
I am a data engineer, which means that I support our ETL process that ingests, transforms, and publishes the data we work with. I am presently working on developing a repeatable and automated process that assigns neighborhoods to buildings. This is part of a larger effort to improve our ability to scale and connect data.

Changing our World
I would love to contribute to the expansion of life beyond our planet, as well as helping improve the lives of those still on Earth. In support of this goal, I volunteer some of my time with the Norfolk Institute to connect researchers, professionals, companies, and donors.

Growing Personally and Professionally
I am currently reading “The Personal MBA” – Josh Kaufman. I also regularly take time to reflect on my experiences each day.

Saturday Morning Fun
Working out in the gym – healthy body, healthy mind!

The Narrator of Your Story
Gordon Ramsay – someone who will say exactly what I’m thinking.

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