Employee Spotlight: James Donovan

Name: James K. Donovan

Hometown: Born in Long Beach, CA, but grew up in Easton, CT

Joined: 2019

Department(s): Recruiting and HR

Spoken Languages: English, passable Japanese 



Joining the Cherre Family

I joined Cherre because I had the chance to learn from innovative thinkers who don’t want to just build a successful company, but cultivate a collaborative team that empowers each member to develop and deliver value.


I’m a Snow Leopard

I coordinate recruiting for Cherre; ensuring teams have the people they need, who resonate with Cherre’s unique culture, and are excited to contribute their expertise to Cherre’s success.

I have always been a big picture thinker who knows that the right team is not just checking the boxes for the required skills, but people coming together around a common goal with mutual respect and a desire for excellence.

I am building the future of how Cherre approaches finding the right candidates and how we make them part of the Cherre family. I am excited to help team leaders connect with people who will make exceptional contributions, and to place candidates with a team that will help them grow and provide them engaging and meaningful problems to solve.


Changing our World

I think humanity needs to be balanced between two goals, both of which are being solved by technological innovation and human enginuity: continuing our endeavor to reach the stars and explore the universe we live in, and also to build a better quality of life for all people on this planet. It is encouraging to see what the startup world is doing on both of these fronts.


Growing Personally and Professionally 

I just finished rereading The Phoenix Project and have moved onto The Lean Startup, as recommended by colleagues. Both have been fantastic!


Saturday Morning Fun

I have always been a Spiderman fan. The recent animated Spiderman movie was fantastic fusion of classic comic style and cutting edge animation techniques that would delight diehard fans and casual movie goers alike.


The Narrator of Your Story

Probably Ryan Reynold as Deadpool. I’m pretty relentlessly cheerful, but appreciate a good side helping of sarcasm, crassness, and witty banter. Plus, who can say no to a good chimichanga?