Employee Spotlight: Jason Chen

Name: Jason Chen

Hometown: New Jersey, Taipei, Taiwan

Joined: 2019

Department(s): Engineering

Spoken Languages: English, Mandarin, some Spanish, some German



Joining the Cherre Family

I had worked with Kevin in the past and we worked really well together, so when he invited me to join the Cherre team, I was really excited. The idea of working on Cherre’s product offering with the Cherre team and infrastructure appealed to me very much.


I’m a Snow Leopard

I develop and maintain Cherre’s data and API QA infrastructure, and focus on data investigation and analysis for product refinement.

My property data domain knowledge, combined with QA skillset and experience, allow me to bring a unique angle. I was the vendor-side QA engineer for one of the more popular nationwide datasets that we work with at Cherre, and now I’m on the client-side with Cherre.

I’m currently working on Cherre’s API QA, which once integrated, will operate automatically and seamlessly within our deployment processes. Having quality assurance on data delivery ensures happy clients, which helps everyone sleep better at night. ????

My colored hair also makes me special. ????


Changing our World

I believe in inspiring compassion and empathy in societies to address greed and selfishness, as well as the causes of global climate destabilization. Utilizing the juxtaposition of surplus/waste and need/demand to reduce human hardship (ex: connecting commercial food waste to the homeless/impoverished in cities) would be a good focus. I also support inoculating the youth against all forms of prejudice (ex: sexism, classism, racism, ageism, ableism, etc). While we’re out it, I also support reforming education methodologies to inspire organic motivation for learning and critical thinking.


Growing Personally and Professionally 

I’m mostly reading software documentation… but also, Tales from Outer Suburbia.


Saturday Morning Fun

Bender B. Rodriguez from Futurama.


The Narrator of Your Story

Me (or, Bender).