Employee Spotlight: Brendan Collins

Department(s): Sales and Business Development

Name: Brendan Collins

Joined: 2018

Hometown: East Hampton, NY

Spoken Languages: English, Spanish

Joining the Cherre Family

I have been in the real estate data world for about 15 years now, both as a provider and consumer. During this time, the data world has evolved quite a bit and is still an exciting and dynamic frontier. As the number of providers has grown, the ability to manage and connect the information has become increasingly difficult. Typically the end user is not prepared nor are they equipped to manage many different data sets. When I learned that this is Cherre’s core functionality and that there was an opportunity to join the team… I jumped at it.

I’m a Snow Leopard

I am a Senior Sales Director, and truly enjoy developing and nurturing relationships. I have a number of projects with major developers and investors, and these use cases are always interesting and energizing. I really enjoy learning about the processes employed and best practices that make each company successful.

On a personal level I’ve recently begun playing in a band in the town where I live. More of a passion project than anything else, but it’s a lot of fun.

Changing our World

We’re not focused enough on achieving humanity itself. 

Growing Personally and Professionally 

I’m currently reading a few things actually, Good Night Moon, Iggy Peck Architect, Moo, The Book with no Pictures… I have three kids.

Saturday Morning Fun

Foghorn Leghorn.

The Narrator of Your Story

Me.Also, I’m available for voiceover work.